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 Item#  Description   In stock   Price   

Tension assembly

 Yes $12.95

Machine bed cushions set of (4)

 Yes   $5.95 

 xxxx  Bed Cushion screws (4)  Yes   $5.95 

 xxxx  Gib Hook screw, old style (Tapered neck)  Yes   $2.95 

 xxxx  Gib Hook screw new style  Yes   $2.95 

 xxxx  Loop guard Yes   $8.95 
 xxxx  Bobbin case tension spring  Yes   $2.95 

 xxxx  Bobbin case tension spring set screw  Yes   $2.95 

 xxxx  Bobbin case tension spring adjustable screw  Yes   $2.95 

 xxxx  Bobbin case latch screw  Yes   $1.95 

 xxxx  Needle clamp thread guide  Yes   $5.95 

 xxxx  Upper tension check spring  Yes   $2.95 

 xxxx  Carbon brush cap (1) Yes   $4.95 

 xxxx  Carbon Brushes (set of two with springs)  Yes   $9.95 

 xxxx  Thumb screw  Yes   $1.95 

 xxxx  Spool pin Red felts (5)  Yes   $1.25 

 xxxx  Spool pin spring  Yes   $1.95 

 xxxx  221/222k feed dogs  Yes   $14.95 

 xxxx  Presser bar thread cutter  Yes   $3.95 

 xxxx  Needle bar clamp (includes both set screws)  Yes   $6.95 

 xxxx  Spool pin cover screw  Yes   $1.95 
 xxxx  Loop guard screw  OUT OF STOCK   $1.95 


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